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The „Hochwälder cycle Station“

The name says it all, since 2009, with the completion of the Ruwer - Hochwald - Radweg, cyclists have been rolling past our house. Where steam locomotives used to snort into the high forest, today parents pedal with their children, seniors and racing cyclists on the bike path, while mountain bikers ride crisp trails on the left and right of the route. The bike station also includes our Tomahawk indoor cycling department, where sports enthusiasts pedal to lively music under the guidance of trained trainers, mainly in the winter months.

The bike station also has tools for minor repairs, maps and tested tour tips for almost every requirement. If you stay with us, you can of course park your bike safely in the bike station after you've washed it. As a bed & bike company, this service is free of charge for you. Because of our location directly on the Ruwer-Hochwald-Radweg, on which both the Rhineland-Palatinate Cycle Route (around Rhineland-Palatinate) and the Hunsrück Cycle Route (from Saarburg via the Erbeskopf to Bacharach) run in our area, we are the ideal accommodation for cyclists for one or more nights.

Local Cycle Routes bus stop

The bike bus 222, which runs several times a day on the weekends from May 1st to the beginning of October from the city of Trier through the Ruwertal to the Hochwald, stops right outside our front door. During the summer holidays, the bus also runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Ideal for cycling back to the high forest heights after a day's tour, or for being transported to the high forest with your bike in the morning.

But the bus is also suitable for hikers, e.g. to be brought back to Kell after a hiking tour over the Saar - Hunsrück - Steig to Waldrach. The shopping trip to Trier or Hermeskeil can now be done stress-free with public transport. On the long weekends and during the holidays, we recommend booking the bus in advance, using our link below.

We are especially happy if you come to us after your tour. On presentation of the current menu, you will receive a 5% discount on drinks. In the case of single tickets, this applies to the respective person, in the case of group tickets only to the people belonging to the group.

Tour collection

Take advantage of our years of experience with a wide variety of Garmins, from recording bumpy Hunsrück trails to skiing on slippery racing bike routes in the region! We have brand new equipment for hire, which you can get for free when you rent a bike with over 60 stored tracks. We'll look for the route of your choice with you and send you off! This has been tried and tested for years, no signage can keep up. Curious?

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The heart of the Hochwälder bike station is the former premises of the old post office. Where parcels used to be piled up and vacationers brought their postcards to the counter in the early 1970s, there are now 12 well-maintained Tomahawk indoor cycles. Under the guidance of 3 trainers, cycling enthusiasts pedal there in winter from October to March on the following days: Monday 6 p.m. with Claus, Tuesday 5:30 p.m. (Fairplay - Team IGS), Wednesday 7 p.m. with Sandra and Friday 7 p.m. Anna-Lena. No training in winter 21/21 due to the corona pandemic. Our course participants have the opportunity to rent bikes and train at home. For this purpose, all bikes are rented out, we look forward to the active group!

Incidentally, the trial training is free, after which the practical 6 - card for € 50 or the 10 - card for € 80 is recommended. After registering in advance, you can train regularly without having to become a member or any other obligation. The service of the indoor cycling department also includes the towel, the water bottle filled with water and the fresh fruit or fruit juice after training. Four, three, two, come up!


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