Seasonally changing menus, seasonal fresh cuisine, from Ash Wednesday herring to the last Krumper (that's what we call the potato during the Potato Days in autumn), we always focus on fresh products, mostly of regional origin. And to show you that we have nothing to hide when it comes to freshness, we also like to cook special-offer buffets in front of our guests in the live kitchen. You can find these events in the culinary calendar, in the normal à la carte business we cook in the kitchen, but no less fresh!Our restaurant has around 75 seats, and in summer there are around 60 on the terrace.

The restaurant can also be used in its entirety for family celebrations of all kinds, including, of course, live cooking. And when the sun is shining, nothing stands in the way of an extension towards the evening sun on the terrace! A dreamlike atmosphere for mild summer nights. We would be happy to advise you when it comes to inviting your guests to our "Post Office". From a standing reception to a midnight snack. We look forward to you and your guests!

Fresh enjoyment

local products

Ebbes von Hei!

Almost everyone understands that not only here in the Hunsrück: “Something from here”. Test how the meat from the Hunsrück tastes at the butcher's, or at the vegetable farmer to see how healthy and crispy fresh salads are.


Local Food
We currently use the following foods from our cooperation partners from "Ebbes von Hei!"

Local dishes

Special Days
Enjoy culinary moments. Whether buffet, breakfast or potato days, the right day for every taste.
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